Special Warfare Handbook Bundle

Special Warfare Handbook Bundle

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This bundle includes three field manuals covering a variety of topics from anti-armor warfare, small arms defense against aircraft, and long-range reconnaissance.

Small Arms Defense Against Air Attack

In Korea, the USAF lost 544 aircraft to combined small arms and air defense fire, almost 5 times as many as were lost in air-to-air combat. In South Vietnam, we lost 410 fixed-wing and 2100 helicopters. This little book tells how to fire, positions to use, rules of engagement, how to train, and much, much more. 24 fully illustrated pages.

Special Forces Combat Recon Manual

The original copy of this document was assembled by the 5th SF (ARVN) 1st SF, personnel of B-52 MACV Recondo, and 5th SFGD Combat Orientation Course School. A collection of Recondo tips, M-16/CAR-15 tips, load-bearing tips, and much more. 32 very informative and highly sought-after pages.

Antiarmor Warfare Manual

A complete military technical manual for tactics, techniques, and concepts of anti-armor warfare. Comes with 128 pages of illustrations and text.