$20 & Brand New Condition

Dutch Jungle Camo Field Shirts

These simple button-up field shirts come in a wacky Dutch camouflage adopted in 1993. We've got tons available in great sizes!

Need some swiss surplus?

Alpenflage Is In Stock!

Iconic 10-pocket jackets and matching pants, field shirts, rucksacks and more.

Cozy & Classy

The Greatest Coat Ever Devised

Wool greatcoats are in stock at AP.

Reviving vintage camouflage

The BGS Sumpftarn Woobie Hoodie

What happens when you merge 1960s camouflage with a modern, comfy hoodie? This.

British kit is back in stock.

From the newest MTP to old school DPM.

Trust us, it's much better than their food.

First time at AP?

Get 10% off your first order with the code "bussin" at checkout. And once you're a customer, you can use the code "americanapipedream" for 5% off any order, any time.

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Praesidus Watches x AP

If you love retro aesthetics as much as we do, you'll adore the Rec Spec watch. Inspired by the Seiko watches worn by MACV-SOG in Vietnam, these limited edition watches come with two camouflage bands: Canvas ERDL and leather Tigerstripe.

Flecktarn Field Shirts

A classic and comfortable field shirt design with plenty of utilitarian features. But most importantly, we've got them in stock at a bargain price.

The Alpenflage Field Jacket

A do-it-all solution to the "how do I carry all this heavy sh*t?" question.

What is Americana Pipedream?

We're a small business operating out of Appleton, Wisconsin. Founded by our CEO Logan when he was 18, AP began in his parent's basement.

After outgrowing our basement we rented a small 2,500 square foot warehouse. Gradually we completely filled up that space and several storage units.

These days we're working on turning an old furniture gallery into AP HQ, sourcing peculiar and useful gear along the way. Thanks to you, we managed to go from 400 square feet to 24,000 in just two short years.

Need a cozy blanket?

Look no further than the USGI Woobie/Poncho Liner.

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Check out our podcast, where we talk shop about what's going on at AP, the surplus business and whatever else is on our mind.