Sizing Guide

Given the massive variety of clothing we carry, a standard sizing guide is incredibly helpful for customers seeking the best fit. Nearly every military has different sizing charts and schemes, which is why we've taken the time to put together this brief tutorial.

Chest Sizing

When measuring chest sizes, we lay the garment down on a flat surface. Then we measure from armpit to armpit, across the chest.

To determine the best fit for your size, take a well-fitting garment and follow those instructions. That'll give you a great idea of which size will fit you and avoid unnecessary returns or exchanges.

Sleeve Length

We measure sleeve length from the should seam (where the sleeve is sewed to the body) to the edge of the cuff. Generally this measurement is not too important, but some sizing schemes can have longer or shorter sleeves.

Garment Length

Garment length is measured from the highest point on the shoulder to the lowest point on the hem, or bottom of the piece. This is usually subsidiary to chest sizes, but some sizing schemes are a bit different.