Sizing & Condition Guide

Given the massive variety of clothing we carry, a standard sizing guide is incredibly helpful for customers seeking the best fit. Nearly every military has different sizing charts and schemes, which is why we've taken the time to put together this brief tutorial.

Jacket & Shirt Sizing

In absence of an established military size chart, we measure each jacket or shirt from armpit to armpit to get a rough idea of how it fits. If a garment is between sizes, we mark it one size down. For example, if a shirt measures 19.75" from pit to pit, it is marked as a small rather than medium.

This is our measurement guide that we use to measure garments without an existing military size chart:

14"-15" PtP = XXS

16-17" PtP = Extra Small

18"-19" PtP = Small

20-21" PtP = Medium

22-23" PtP = Large

24-25" PtP = Extra Large

26-27" PtP = XXL

28-29" PtP = 3XL

Pant Sizing

We typically convert pants to US waist and inseam sizes. If a pair of pants is between sizes, we mark it one size down. For example, if a pair of pants measures as a 33 waist, it is marked as a 32 waist.

To take these measurements we lay a pair of pants flat on the ground. We then measure across the waist and double the measurement. For example, if a pair of pants measures 16" across the waist it will fit a US 32 waist.

To determine inseam we measure from the crotch seam to the bottom of the cuff. For example, it a pair of pants measures 30" from the crotch seam to the bottom of the cuff we will list it as a 30 inseam or 30L.


Surplus Condition Guide

  1. Unissued
    1. These items are brand new. They may sometimes exhibit signs of storage. They may be new in their original factory packaging, but most times will not be. 
    1. Issued; Good
      1. These items are in issued/used condition but are fully functional. This grade of surplus item may also exhibit signs of use such as stampings, small stains or general dirtiness.
      2. Issued; Good items will not have missing or broken buttons, zippers or be missing any functional components unless noted as such in the product description. Any items you purchase that are marked as "Issued; Good" but exhibit these defects will be replaced free of charge by Americana Pipedream.
      1. Issued; Serviceable
        1. These items are in issued/used condition but have defects that impede function. This may include missing buttons, broken zippers, holes and tears. This is the lowest grade of surplus item that we carry and they are not eligible for returns or exchanges due to condition.