Drone Pattern Afghan War Rug

Drone Pattern Afghan War Rug

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Afghan War Rugs are just one of many ways that Afghanistan's turbulent history has impacted its fascinating culture. This particular design features a map of Afghanistan, various military vehicles such as BTRs, tanks or BMPs. Hand grenades, the iconic Kalashnikov rifle and RPG-7s aren't uncommon either.

These rugs were handmade in Afghanistan by expert craftsmen. Each takes between 7-10 days to complete and is a true work of art. Each rug will exhibit some uniqueness, including changes of color, design variations and other aesthetic differences.

Rug Care (This Is Important)

These rugs are most often hung up on walls as decoration. Given the time and skill it takes to make even just one rug, most Afghans don't use them as doormats or in places they're likely to be damaged.

We do not recommend washing these rugs in washing machines. The time-honored tradition of cleaning your Afghan rug by beating it with a stick is the best option for taking care of these beautiful artworks.

The Short & Sweet

  • Handmade in Afghanistan
  • Some design variation between rugs
  • Rug pictured may not be the rug you receive
  • 24” x 31” in size