Irish DPM: How'd We Get It?

Irish DPM: How'd We Get It?

Logan McGrath |

Irish DPM is a coveted camouflage pattern among military surplus collectors, surplus streetwear enthusiasts and airsofters here in the United States.

Americana Pipedream is an American small business specializing in military surplus, vintage clothing, along with camping and hunting gear. To read more about our company and its history, visit the About Us page.

We were recently contacted by a few Irish media outlets regarding how we acquired some. Here's the scoop:

The Irish military prohibits selling military gear, obviously. This is why Irish DPM is such a rare camouflage pattern, and why our company has several policies directly relating to its acquisition and sale.

Our company does not allow Irish DPM to be shipped to Ireland or any EU country, as we understand this would pose a potential security risk for the Irish Defence Forces. Americana Pipedream and its owners will always do our utmost to respect the wishes of defense organizations. We also do not purchase Irish DPM from sources associated with the Irish Defence Forces. All our Irish DPM products are sourced from reputable wholesale connections based outside of Ireland, along with some private purchases within the US.

Irish DPM is incredibly hard to come by. In our company's two year history we've seen fewer than 50 pieces of it pass through our doors. This is out of tens of thousands of products that we have sold or have in our inventory. Our wholesaler, from whom we purchase small batches, has to sort through thousands of pounds of miscellaneous surplus uniforms to find no more than a dozen pieces of Irish DPM.

All the Irish uniforms we've ever acquired have not had the serial numbers or names of Irish soldiers on the tags meant to help Irish quartermasters keep track of uniform pieces. Irish DPM is not surplused by the Irish military, so we're unsure how those particular pieces were able to leave Ireland or who is responsible for their export.

Prior to being able to source small amounts of Irish DPM from our wholesalers, we looked online for potential sources. There were none aside from a few listings on eBay coming from both Ireland and the United Kingdom. We never contacted any of the sellers of these items.


Buddy of mine in the Irish army “tactically acquired” a smock for me and I love it


For DPM from Arktis- As far as I know, they print/make their own, and are not a ’’genuine’’ producer of irish dpm, whereas these are authentic from Ireland.


I see people in the comments mentioning Arktis as a seller of Irish DPMs. Their irish dpms don’t have the tricolour flash on the left shoulder, the Oglaigh Na hEireann label on the left chest and as far as I know, the brown their pieces is dissimilar from issued gear to distinguish from one another


Shut up Sherry.

Sherry's ghost,

Bro created a whole lore when you and just buy it from Arktis and the government doesn’t enforce that law they only use it as a extra charge if you are caught with it

Joe moe ,

You all HAVE to be kidding!! Im 63. While my 3+ inch heels have retired…my style certainly has not!!
Good heavens! Get age appropriate women involved in your blogs!!!


Cool read. This isn’t to start an argument. It’s a legit question. Why can someone order Irish DPM from Arktis? They’re based in the UK so you’d think they wouldn’t. I was just gifted 3 pcs from there.


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