Reproduction OCP Woobie/Poncho Liner w/Stuff Sack

Reproduction OCP Woobie/Poncho Liner w/Stuff Sack

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This is the latest iteration of the Woobie/Poncho Liner in the current-issue OCP/Multicam camouflage pattern. These woobies come complete with a stuff sack, allowing you to pack your woobie down to a very small size for backpacking, camping or storage in small spaces.

Ever needed a cozy, portable blanket for your innawoods adventures? The USGI Woobie has you covered. 

Instructions on how to use the woobie to set up a hot weather sleeping system are featured in the Hot Weather Clothing and Equipment Field Manual.

The USGI "Woobie" was first put into use by US troops in Vietnam, where wool blankets proved to be unsuited for humid environments. Even when soaking wet, the USGI Woobie traps body heat to ensure you'll stay warm. Quick drying, the Woobie is meant for use under a rain poncho but can also be used independently.

  • Made in China
  • Not NIR Treated, Will Glow Under IR
  • Only 1.75 Pounds
  • Comes with stuff sack
  • 100% Nylon Shell
  • 100% Polyester Interior
  • Multitude of uses
  • Quick drying
  • Keeps you warm, even when wet
  • 5’ by 6’

Care Instructions:

We do not recommend machine washing these with items that have tough velcro. We recommend machine washing any woobie-like product on low heat.