Unissued Swiss Snow Poncho

Unissued Swiss Snow Poncho

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Overwhites are an essential part of a winter loadout. This overwhite poncho makes it easy to cover your usual winter kit with a layer of camouflage. With its waterproof nylon construction, it also keeps you dry!

But wait… there’s more!

The Swiss, being military perfectionists, saw fit to line the poncho’s perimeter with snap domes and an eyelet at each corner. This lets you adjust for arm length and even use the poncho as temporary shelter.

Like most Swiss military gear, it’s jampacked with features.

To protect the melon against wind, sleet, rain and snow they’ve added a built-in hood. It’s adjustable via drawstring, and features a snap dome storm flap to keep winter wind from ruining your day.


    • Genuine Schweizer Armee/Armée suisse surplus
    • Eyelets on each corner
    • Waterproof nylon construction
    • Snap domes for adjustable arm length
    • Built-in drawstring hood 
    • Snap dome storm flap at the neck for wind protection
    • Provides an overwhite camouflage layer