Ukrainian Bytan (Butane) Parka

Ukrainian Bytan (Butane) Parka

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Ukrainian Bytan (or Butane) camouflage was one of the final Soviet-era patterns used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Also known as TTsKO, this pattern was developed in the 1980s and gradually phased out by the 2000s. All these jackets date from the late 1990s to early 2000s, with the latest in this batch being made in 2005. This is another very rare camouflage pattern here in the US.

  • Used condition
  • May have small rips or tears
  • Varying color patterns and features

Sizing Info:

46 (Small)

26" Chest, 23" Sleeve, 29" Length

48 (Medium)

26" Chest, 24" Sleeve, 30" Length

50 (Large)

27" Chest, 26" Sleeve, 32" Length

52 (XL)

28" Chest, 25" Sleeve, 30" Length

54 (XXL)

28" Chest, 25" Sleeve, 31" Length