Russian 24hr IRP (January 2022 Production)
Russian 24hr IRP (January 2022 Production)
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Russian 24hr IRP (January 2022 Production)

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These brand new rations were taken directly off a Russian military assembly line in Moscow. Just produced this January, they're fresh as fresh can be. 

Most of the Russian Army doesn't even have these yet. Don't ask how we got them.

The Russian 24hr IRP is meant to sustain a single soldier for a full day. They include three meals, tea, coffee, copious amounts of creamer and sugar, salt, pepper, drink mixes, fuel tablets and a portable stove to cook it on! The menu items included are generally dishes such as beef stew, pork or fish porridges, or chicken soups. 

Russian military rations are generally fresher than US MREs. This is due to Russia's preference for tinned, non-processed foods.

These rations make a unique but essential addition to any sustainment kit. Whether you're packing one or two of these on your next bushwhacking trip or keeping some in your vehicle in case of emergencies, they'll keep your stomach happy.

The Important Stuff

  • January 2022 production Russian military rations
  • Shelf life of 2 years
  • Food without copious amounts of preservatives, hence the shorter shelf life
  • Random menu item selection
  • Weighs approximately three pounds and five ounces each

What's Included

  • Three main entrees in each full ration
  • Tea and coffee
  • Three packages of crackers
  • Liver pate, cream cheese or zucchini caviar
  • Apple jam
  • Creamer, sugar, salt and pepper
  • Drink mixes
  • Fuel tablets, portable stove to cook your food on-the-go

Our Taste Test

We taste tested one of these rations and found it to be pretty damn bussin'. The entrees were very good, my personal favorite being the beef stew with diced carrots and peas. The buckwheat and chicken porridges were delicious. The crackers paired very well with the apple jam and zucchini caviar. Liver pate was left uneaten, as none of us had much of an urge to give that a try. The Russian tea slapped, as did the coffee and drink mix.

A Note On Full vs Partial Rations

Unfortunately a US Customs official decided to confiscate the entrees from some of our IRPs. This leaves them with crackers, seasonings, drink mixes, tea, coffee, apple jam, zucchini caviar, fuel tablets and a stove. We've discounted them heavily to get them out of our warehouse and make room for more epic surplus.