Issued Greek OD Green M-65 Field Jacket w/Liner

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The Greek M-65 Field Jacket is one of our best deals on winter clothing. These come with a removable acrylic or quilted liner to help you stay cozy in cold weather. Four front pockets make it easy to store your everyday essentials. A button-on hood is included to provide extra protection from wind and light rain.

The M-65 Field Jacket is one of the most well-known and timeless military garments in history. Its utility and looks have made it the choice of militaries and fashionable people the world over.

These jackets were worn by the Greek military, who adopted American-pattern field jackets during the Cold War. 

The M-65 Jacket & Its History

The M-65 Field Jacket is an iconic piece of American military and casual wear. Adopted in 1965 to replace the M-51 field jacket, the M-65 served for decades. US troops in Vietnam found it useful due to its wind and rain resistance. Its many spacious pockets also made it an attractive option. When M81 Woodland was adopted, many M-65 jackets were produced in that camouflage pattern.

One of the easiest ways to tell an M-51 from an M-65 is the presence of a hood. The older M-51s don't have one! Another telltale sign is the style of buttons, though it does overlap between M-51s and early production M-65s. 

In civilian life the M-65 field jacket become a popular culture icon, in large part due to its association with anti-war protests. Movies and popular media also played a huge role in popularizing the M-65 as civilian wear. Films such as Taxi Driver helped introduce American civilians to military surplus as fashion.

The Short & Sweet:

  • Genuine Hellenic Armed Forces surplus
  • Issued; Good condition
  • Four front pockets
  • Quilted or acrylic removable liner included
  • Button-on hood
  • Button-adjustable cuffs

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