Issued Austrian Bundesheer K4/Peadot Canteen Cover

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The Austrian K4/Peadot camouflage, also known as "Erbsenmuster" or "pea camouflage," holds a unique place in military history dating back to World War II. This distinctive pattern, characterized by its dense clusters of small dots over a background of varied shades, was initially developed and used by the German military during WWII.

Postwar, this camouflage pattern saw continued use and evolution, notably by the Austrian Bundesheer. The K4 version, a specific adaptation by Austria, retained the fundamental elements of the original peadot design but incorporated modifications suited to the specific needs and terrains of Austria. This pattern's legacy, blending historical significance with practical design, makes it a fascinating chapter in the broader story of military camouflage development.

These canteen covers fit the standard US one quart canteens. They are in somewhat rough shape due to age and use.

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