AP x Hub City Outdoors Chicom 3 Chest Rig in Omani DPM

AP x Hub City Outdoors Chicom 3 Chest Rig in Omani DPM

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Omani DPM is one of those patterns that doesn't pop up too often. Thankfully, we at AP sourced a ton of it last year and imported it to the US. 

We created these chest rigs in collaboration Hub City Outdoors, an excellent family-owned business based in Florida. All these rigs were handsewn by James, HCB's founder and owner.

These chest rigs were produced with fabric left over from a cancelled Omani military contract. See our blog post about Omani DPM for more details about this fascinating story.

Hub City Outdoors' iteration and modernization of a tried and true classic.

The Short & Sweet:

  • Flip sewn, dual layer construction
  • Reinforced Mag cells to increase the longevity of the unit
  • 3 rows X 3 columns of molle for most of the pouches you'd wanna run on the side wings
  • Carries three AKM, AK-74 or AR magazines
  • STANAG mags fit, but sit deep
  • Integrated GP pouches